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      From global dialogues engaging thousands, to tete-a tetes, to everything in between, I’ve got the greatest gig in the world: I get paid to engage the world’s greatest business and thought leaders in conversation. Significant conversation. I do a lot of other stuff, too, but basically I’m obsessed with conversation.

      I’ve been asked to share my views on the power of conversation—especially as it’s exemplified in word of mouth marketing techniques. My preference is the gold standard of conversation” the kind of face to face, one-on-one dialogue that’s getting increasingly rare.

      If you think about it, face to face conversation is the new luxury.

      It’s so easy to “communicate” through technology-assisted means that some of us have trouble remembering the last truly fascinating, life-changing conversation we’ve had.

      So there’s something a bit weird about my writing a blog about the most memorable conversations I’ve had. But I’m doing it to stir your appetite for significant conversation. We’ll share some of the remarkable conversations I’ve been privileged to have with people all over the world. Some are extraordinary leaders in business and public life; others just ordinary folks with extraordinary things to say. And I’ll throw in some conversational tips along the way, as well as comments from other people on the subject of talk, conversation…even just plain gab.

      Whichever way you like it, I hope you’ll find inspiration here to go off and have a scintillating conversation of your own.

      I’ll give you recommendations for initiating meaningful conversation as well as for places and activities that are worth talking about. Let me know what you find especially provocative or fascinating or enlightening or all the above. And, of course, tell me if any of this is wrong-headed, stupid, arbitrary or, worst of all, boring.

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    September 05, 2006


    Linda Curtis

    Susan, do people really want somebody to love them for who they are or do they just want somebody, anybody? Maybe they're so disconnected they don't even know who they really are? Maybe if they find somebody, anybody, they won't have to spend enough time with themself to find out. There's something sad in not being able to abide your own company.


    Ooh, Linda, that's so, well...cynical. Perhaps you're right, but I prefer to believe that everyone does want, ultimately, to be valued for the person they really are. Stripped down to the essentials, don't we all find those relationships most valuable where we can "be ourselves" as opposed to posing as that person we assume others prefer? This Dentyne Ice initiative is based on cynicism, though, and confirms your fear, i.e. that one must assume the necessity to invent a persona in order to get noticed, much less loved. Not sure how this plays out in the working world. I have to think about that.

    Linda Curtis

    Susan, let me explain my cynicism. Before I read your post yesterday, I spent quite some time listening to 2 single friends saying that they needed to find a man. For one of them, it really didn't matter where, she just needed to find one. She didn't even realize that she had just told me that she had no time for her young sons or home but she spends a lot of her free time trying to find a man. The other is more particular and she is beginning to enjoy her own company more but if she doesn't find a man, she won't feel her life is quite as worthwhile. I just see that as sad. Maybe it's easy for me to say that, I have a man. Now, I do think they both want to be loved and valued for who they are, but time's running out and they may just settle for just getting a man. That would be a shame, they're both great women. I just hope these 2 don't see that Dentyne ad.


    ARGH! You're right, there's a lot of that going on, I know. I'm interested in its repercussions in the world of work. That focus on "completing one's self" through finding a mate makes it difficult to be present to the challenges and opportunities in the workplace. It obviates the possibility of taking a leadership role by telegraphing the fact that one is not wholly present. Literally. It stamps one with the "employee" label.

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